GIA clients on the Ramsey Show 

We love celebrating wins at GIA and one of our client families, Jill and Rob, recently were featured on the Ramsey Show for paying off $150,000 in debt over 30 months and becoming officially debt free. Watch their video where they celebrate this beautiful moment live on the Dave Ramsey Show Debt Free stage! *(They are featured on the show at 19:55 into the video if you want to skip ahead)

In their video, they talk about sitting down with us, a recommended SmartVestor Pro, and how we told them they needed to deal first with the elephant in the room–their debt–before investing with us. We are so proud of them for doing just that and paying off their debt! Our mission statement is “Leading people to financial peace, independence, and generosity” and you can definitely see how much peace and freedom comes with alleviating such a large amount of debt by the smiles on their faces!

By Published On: October 28th, 2021

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