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Our hope is that you find the best-fit advisor for you, and we realize that might not be us. So we wanted to provide you this guide to help you search.

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* as of 07.2020

They helped me manage and redistribute my funds even during a pandemic!

Tim Goodwin and his staff have provided me with complete confidence in managing and redistributing my funds even during a pandemic. I was devastated like everyone else when the market took many tumbles, and was worried about my investments. The staff at Goodwin Investments redistributed my funds, and as a result I did not loose a large amount of money. It could have been much worse.

I was with a large well known financial company before changing to Goodwin Investments. I know from personal experience what it’s like to loose a lot of money when someone you’ve hired does not actually manage your money during good or bad times.

Goodwin Investments has a friendly and welcoming environment. They also display a generous nature in recommending giving and sharing wealth if able. Tim Goodwin and his staff have demonstrated to me they are attentive to my financial needs and well being.

Theresa Ellwood

They are an immensely capable and professional financial advisory firm!

We researched and interviewed several organizations before choosing GIA. They are an immensely capable and professional financial advisory firm that manages to feel like a local family business. Their competencies, resources, goals, and values allow them to provide all the services you’d expect from the larger firms while creating a relaxed culture where they are able to get to know each individual and his/her needs. They not only helped us create customized short- and long-term plans, they respond to and accommodate real-life situations to help navigate unforeseen circumstances (at a very favorable fee structure). Everyone is not only smart and talented but friendly, down-to-earth, and simply enjoyable to work with. Even my octogenarian mother, who was initially nervous about meeting with an advisor, said she appreciated how nice everyone was and left feeling comfortable. My wife and I recommend them without hesitation.

James Hebb

They treat you like your family!

I have been extremely satisfied with Tim and Joanna. They are the only 2 that I have worked with, but the results speak for themselves and I am confident that they have my best interest in mind. They are easy to communicate with and to get in touch with should you need to. They are NOT robotic like so many other firms are. They Treat you like your family. What else could you look for?

Greg Butler

They have always gone above and beyond to help me!

Joe Beckford and the team at Goodwin have always gone above and beyond to help me with my personal finance and investment. They have always been incredibly flexible for meeting and I always leave our meetings feeling good about the decision I made to work with Goodwin. The staff is always happy to make sure my questions are thoroughly answered and that I have a complete understanding of their answers.

Keith Wilson

Goodwin is the right fit for us!

We spoke with 2 other Financial Advisors. Goodwin is the right fit for us. We now have a better understanding of how our money is working for us. Goodwin takes the time to answer our questions so we understand. We are very comfortable when we go into the office. Joe, Joann, Justin and Beth are awesome. Goodwin cares about what we care about!

Sandra Askew

They both personable and knowledgeable!

The professionals at GIA are both personable and knowledgeable. Despite uncertain times, GIA clients can have peace of mind because of the individualized attention they receive. Something that makes this group stand out is the opportunities for client education in a variety of areas of wealth management.

Jenn J

They make you feel very important!

I love working with Tim, Joanna and his team, as they make you feel very important! They are so knowledgable and efficient and making all the tight decisions for me and my family. I trust them wholeheartedly and I love their attention to detail, their ease of use with technology and their mission.

Niksey Foley

It has been a pleasure to work with!

It has been a pleasure to work with Justin Pitcock and the entire Goodwin team. Our financial planning requirements were complex and involved a business we own and are rapidly growing. Justin helped us run multiple scenarios to insure we are taking into consideration…time, business investment vehicles, and tax limiting strategies. If Justin didn’t know the answer he made a point to research and promptly get back to us.

Scott Boldt

Support staff is fabulous!

Great experience with Tim and his crew. GIA has an excellent family feel and Tim has the “Heart of a Teacher”. GIA uses sound planning practices and allows me the time and peace of mind to not worry about finances during turbulent times. I would highly recommend Tim’s services to anyone.

Support staff is fabulous.

Robert Poulos

Great service and response time!

Great service and response time. I can text, call or email. Response time is fast! I have zero complaints. The feeling is mutual for our entire staff.

Linda Traylor

2019 Reader's Choice Award

Voted Reader’s Choice Award three years in a row!

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To answer that question, we decided to talk to the experts. So, we asked our clients what makes us different from other financial advisors that they’ve worked with in the past. They wanted us to tell you what makes us stand out.

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