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Our hope is that you find the best-fit advisor for you, and we realize that might not be us. So we wanted to provide you this guide to help you search.

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My financial advisors

From my first visit, I knew that Goodwin would be my financial advisors. Joe has been great to work with and Joanna can answer most any questions that you have.

Kathy Knox

Personable and trustworthy!

Personable and trustworthy! The amount of communication we receive is spot on!

Steven Castardi

Easy to work with

Easy to work with. Truly believe you have our best interest at heart. Outstanding customer service. Easy to get in touch with him when needed. Justin organized a three way call with a rep from Lincoln Financial as I was trying to move the funds I have there to Fidelity. He knew the questions to ask, etc, and helped me make sense of what I was told.

Michelle Slaton

I love the morals and values that this company stands for.

I love the morals and values that this company stands for. I know that they are trustworthy. I also know that they are advising people to follow God’s word – what more do you want?!! I love that you give us self improvement books on our birthday! I look forward to that card every year! It’s like you’re making a personal investment in all of our lives!  It’s about more than just the money, you want us to be thriving in all areas.

Ashlyn Grummer

Goodwin Investment gives reliable assistance if needed.

Goodwin Investment gives reliable assistance if needed. They’re just a phone call/text away. Justin arranged a phone conference with someone with the group doing our estate planning and made things simpler. We appreciated the assist.

Betty meriwether

Very much appreciated

I appreciate the Christian approach, Dave Ramsey ideology and willingness to meet their clients needs. Very much appreciated Tim taking time last year to sit with our 4 teen kids with an age appropriate financial guidance lesson with Q and A!

kelly teresi

GIA is a trusted resource

GIA is a trusted resource, and I think trust with finances is the most vulnerable part of going with a 3rd party to manage your wealth. Response rate is always very quick for easy or complex questions. I have to say Joanna has just been great, from our very first interaction. She is knowledgable, quick to respond and extremely helpful.

Kristen Bryant

Goodwin Investment Advisory is awesome

GIA (Goodwin Investment Advisory) is awesome. They are the whole reason we can see the light at the end of the tunnel….aka retirement. Best decision we ever made.

Sally Pyle

I can’t wait to really start with this group of great people

I came home to some hand-selected Paleo treats sent from our new Financial Advisor and team (Goodwin Investment Advisory). I think my mom may have tipped them off to my Paleo preference because I don’t recall telling them. The thought was awesome and I can’t wait to really start with this group of great people. Thanks Tim!

Jessica Shivers

I highly recommend working with Tim and his quality organization.

We have known Tim for over 20 years, so we know the content of his character by his words and actions. Tim brings the quality of his character to his business and with the employees that he has working for him. My wife is a good judge of character. She not only likes Tim and his organization’s philosophy and performance, she likes each one of his people. That does not sound like a big deal, but it is a big deal for her and I can attest to that. She trusts Tim. Now that our children are out of school and working, we have them investing their money with Tim’s group. Tim and Justin have invested time to help each of our children with their income, savings, tithing and investment strategies. They are on the right track with Tim’s and Justin’s help. We very much appreciate what Tim’s group has done for us on the financial side of our lives, but also on the friendship side. I highly recommend working with Tim and his quality organization. Please call on me if I or Constance can assist with any questions. I appreciate you. – Coram Deo & Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson

Voted Reader’s Choice Award for four years!

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To answer that question, we decided to talk to the experts. So, we asked our clients what makes us different from other financial advisors that they’ve work with in the past. They wanted us to tell you what makes us stand out.

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