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asset management

We manage brokerage accounts, IRAs, college savings plans and employer-sponsored plans like a 401k based on your appetite for risk and goals for retirement.


financial planning

Because we know every journey is different, we design dynamic financial plans that help you get where you want to go, often before you were expecting to get there.



How we're different

high-tech, high-touch. See the big picture through a personalized financial dashboard.

team approach. Clients gets access to our entire team of financial advisors, relationship managers and other experts.

life advisors. We can consult and advise our clients on all things financial even if we don’t manage the asset.



Who we are

Goodwin Investment Advisory is a financial planner and fee-only advisor that has been serving clients in the greater Atlanta area and across 14 states since 2004. From the new investor to those nearing retirement, we have experience serving clients of all kinds — including but not limited to traditional, blended, divorced, separated, widowed, same-sex and special needs.




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A collection of our insights on how to make the most of your money.



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