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Our hope is that you find the best-fit advisor for you, and we realize that might not be us. So we wanted to provide you this guide to help you search.

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* as of 06.2021

I highly recommend working with Tim and his quality organization.

We have known Tim for over 20 years, so we know the content of his character by his words and actions. Tim brings the quality of his character to his business and with the employees that he has working for him. My wife is a good judge of character. She not only likes Tim and his organization’s philosophy and performance, she likes each one of his people. That does not sound like a big deal, but it is a big deal for her and I can attest to that. She trusts Tim. Now that our children are out of school and working, we have them investing their money with Tim’s group. Tim and Justin have invested time to help each of our children with their income, savings, tithing and investment strategies. They are on the right track with Tim’s and Justin’s help. We very much appreciate what Tim’s group has done for us on the financial side of our lives, but also on the friendship side. I highly recommend working with Tim and his quality organization. Please call on me if I or Constance can assist with any questions. I appreciate you. – Coram Deo & Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson

We highly recommend Goodwin Investment Advisory!

They are very professional and responsive to emails. We have never had an investment advisor, but decided that we needed some advice on where we actually stood going into our retirement years. After meeting with Tim and Joe we had such a sense of peace knowing that we are heading in the right direction and what we needed to do in order to retire comfortably. I wish we had utilized their great service years ago!!!!

Lori B

The right choice for our financial future

We first came to Goodwin Investments as we were not satisfied with our current financial advisor. I initially met with Joe Beckford, wealth advisor and soon felt comfortable we were in good hands. He has put together a sound financial plan for me and my wife that will help us now and our later years. We are confident Joe and Goodwin Investments is the right choice for our financial future.

Michael Leahy


We’re very recent members to the family as they like to call their clients, and they do treat you as so (and only in the good way 😎). Being cautious with finances, business relationships and establishments who have all high ratings I did some serious investigation. I checked their SEC filings – flawless. I checked with social media – flawless. I found we had mutual friends – again flawless. Being a careful business professional I went into the initial meetings looking for anything of concern – nothing. Every step of the way from initial interview through our intake meetings every experience was top notch. We’re excited to have them in our portfolio of trusted partners. At no point, whatsoever, were we pressured, made to feel uncomfortable or concerned. Moreover, being a boutique firm they listened very carefully to our aspirations and concerns and addressed every one. Particularly, when a question was asked that required investigation they admitted they’d need to look into it and got back to us with the answer. This part is an aspect I consider high on the integrity scale. I very much look forward to working with them as we become fully integrated. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like a referral.

Trent Sunde

These guys deliver a world class experience.

They are very professional, but still able to maintain a personal relationship with us. We have been with Tim for many years, and have been lucky enough to watch him grow his company while growing our portfolio. We have the utmost confidence in him and his amazing staff. Every one of them will deliver exceptional service. We are able to, with utmost confidence, leave our nest egg in their capable hands.Thank you to all of you for being who you are.

Martin Jansen

GIA is focused on building trust with their customers, and this means peace-of-mind for me.

GIA has grown into a very special team, who complement superior professionalism with an incredibly personal and relational approach to their customers – and with appropriate but great humor throughout the team. As we prepared for early retirement, we interviewed a few financial advisors to find a partner with whom we could establish a long-term trust relationship. We found Tim and the team to be knowledgable (but not arrogant), they listened with empathy to our personal situation and our goals / life priorities, and were flexible to adjust their investment approach to our specific requirements. I really like the fact that they use THE major company as fiduciary, and that we see email reports of every transaction, and we can monitor the accounts and investments at any time. GIA is focused on building trust with their customers, and this means peace-of-mind for me. We previously lived in California, and found it easy to work with TeamGIA via phone, FaceTime and email. We did not experience any issues because of the distance. We are dealing with many life changes / issues, but we are reassured knowing that GIA are taking care of the financial planning, so that we don’t have to worry about that also! Tim and his team have become part of our extended family, and their support means that financial topics no longer cause sleepless nights.

Herman Hugo

Major thanks to all the Goodwin Investments team has done for us!

We have now been with GIA for a few years. We could not be happier with our decision to trust the GIA team with our investments. One thing we loved most and still do to this date is that the folks at GIA are focused on ‘Our Why’. They spend the time to understand why we want the outcomes and results from our finances and help us by creating a plan to achieve those and make knowledgeable and experienced suggestions along the way. With our investments here we are able to feel safe and confident that not only our future is solid that our children’s future and charitable desires are also met. Major thanks to all the Goodwin Investments team has done for us!

Jimmy Patrick

Mr Goodwin and his team are easy to work with and informative.

Joanna, Joe and Justin have all been very helpful with our accounts!!

Danita Reeves

He takes all the time I need – he truly has the heart of a teacher.

After a life changing event, I knew I wanted to meet with an ELP. I had to move my 401k from my former employer, so after meeting with two other ELP’s, I chose Joe Beckford and GIA. I’ve met or spoken to most of the Goodwin team. Each one is professional, personable and quick to respond when I need something. On my first visit to the office, my name was on the board in the lobby – made me feel like one of the family! Its the personal touch that makes the difference for me. Joe won my confidence early on. His knowledge, professionalism and listening skills help me sleep at night! He takes all the time I need – he truly has the heart of a teacher.

Kathi Golden

Tim and his whole staff has allowed me and my company to take our financial matters to a whole new level.

Thanks Tim.

John Dicks

Voted Reader’s Choice Award for four years!

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