Tara Bruce



Tara Bruce is a creative writer, author, and content manager who loves to write with the intention of using her words to bring the sacred to life through her inner gratitude. She enjoys enlightening the mind of her readers with a new perspective. She desires to use her gift of painting the world with words and vivid colors to help people live out their true essence. She won the Editor’s Choice award for her poem “White May Be But Colors I See”, The Growing Season: International Library of Poetry, Watermark Press, Owing Mills, MD., p.192, 2001. In addition to that she is currently working on a book titled, “The Art of reWILDing,” that helps reconnect you to your wild essence through art, nature, intuition, your body, and the sacred within and without. For Goodwin Investment Advisory she creates downloadable guides, blogs, client monthly Insider guides, social content, promotional materials and articles, and all of the website content.