Investing when you do not think you are rich

I don’t think anyone really thinks they are rich, well, maybe Elon Musk and Bill Gates, but the rest of us feel pretty much like we fall somewhere in the middle. Not poor, but not rich either. You are just working hard to provide for you and your family and trying to enjoy your [...]

U.S. Savings has hit a record high at 33% during coronavirus. What are you saving for?

Americans that have had the ability to keep their jobs and still work throughout the coronavirus have been spending significantly less money. This has led to a new record of American’s stockpiling cash and increasing savings, reaching an average of 33% of disposable income being saved in April of this year according to the [...]

How to lower your electric bill and save money in Summer

It’s HOT and it’s Summertime! Your utility bill comes in the mail and you hesitate before opening it. You take a deep breath and hope somehow that your increased Air conditioning usage does not dip into your upcoming vacation spending. Summertime can be so hard to stick to your budget even with all the free-fun outdoor activities and trips to the pool.

How financial planning can help you reach your long-term goals

A financial goal is a life destination which requires a map and a way to get there; and, assuming you have finite resources with which to successfully make the trek, they need to be used wisely or you are likely to come up short. If you have a long term goal, financial planning can help you get there.

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