Investing when you do not think you are rich

I don’t think anyone really thinks they are rich, well, maybe Elon Musk and Bill Gates, but the rest of us feel pretty much like we fall somewhere in the middle. Not poor, but not rich either. You are just working hard to provide for you and your family and trying to enjoy your [...]

Does Hiring a Financial Advisor Add Value?

Does an advisor really add enough value to justify the fees? What if you could double your standard of living in just 25 years? Can an advisor really deliver a higher net percentage than a self-managed portfolio? Thanks to studies independently performed by Vanguard and Aon Hewitt, we are able to see clear answers. [...]

Coronavirus tips: for mind, body, and spirit

March 18, 2020 Written by Tara Bruce, Goodwin Investment Advisory’s, Creative Brand Manager. (plus, certified life coach) Let’s be real. Right now -- we are living in stressful times with a global pandemic, an uncertain economic state, earth shutting down, and the unknown effects all of this will have. But, in the meantime lets [...]

5 Consumer advocates you should follow

Consumer Advocates If you want to win with money, then you should start following at least one consumer advocate. At Goodwin Investment Advisory, we like and recommend Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, Anthony Oneal, Suze Orman, and the Millennial Money Man. We shared a brief description of each below along with resources they provide and [...]

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