Tara Bruce

Creative Brand Manager


Staff nickname: Rainbow Brite Emoji used most: ✨ Enneagram: 7 w 4

Strengths: WOO | Ideation | Optimism | Achiever | Includer

Her personal motto – “breathe in the beauty and extravagance of every single moment.”

Causes and organizations she supports – Outpour, Seeds

Unique ability –  Tara has a unique ability to truly experience every single moment, to engage with others in a way that leaves them feeling full of life themselves, and to come up with exceptional ideas that innovate and bring about positive change. Tara is an ENFP which means she is enthusiastic about everything, but loves to add value through both her cognitive and creative lens. One way in which Tara uses her talents is through her exceptional way with words. At GIA Tara uses her gift of writing by curating newsletters and blogs as well as representing the values and brand of GIA on social media and the website, creating a cohesive online presence.

Prior to working at Goodwin Investment Advisory, Tara graduated with a degree in Business Administration and major in Marketing from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, where she also ran Track and Cross Country. Tara has held a plethora of different roles from leadership development in Spain, missionary, church planter, children’s ministry director, account manager, and marketing director. She is currently a certified life coach with 5stones and a local artist with her art showcased at Menagerie on Main in downtown Canton. She is a writer and is working on finishing and publishing her first novel, The Architecture of Seeds.

If she could share one message with the world it would be – “be present. Just be. And in your being truly love your essence and who you are, because only then can you authentically love everyone else well!”

One lesson she keeps relearning – “everything in life happens FOR you and not TO you”

When she looks at herself and the life she lives, she is most proud of – “who i am – when squeezed and pressed I’ve learned that juice flows out of me – and it looks a lot like love and grace”