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In these uncertain times, being in control of your money is more important than ever before. It breaks our hearts to think of families unable to take care of themselves and the generations that come after. You deserve to know that your money is working for you, growing, and will live longer than you do! With Goodwin Investment Advisory, we guide you along the way to make sure that you’re investing smart and building a legacy.

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Our financial planning services are built on our values of integrity, honesty, trust, responsibility, innovation and learning. Our team is carefully committed to your goals, hopes, and dreams. You will never find an advisor who will care more about you and your family. We are not just financial advisors. We are your guide, your coach, your accountability partner, and your advocate. We want nothing more than for you to achieve your financial goals!

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In March 2020 only *24% of workers felt confident that they would be comfortable retiring and we want to change that, so 100% of you feel confident your money is invested right and will be there when you need it.

* Retirement Confidence Survey


Your peace-of-mind for both retirement and your short-term financial goals is very important to us. We want you to live with freedom to pursue a life full of purpose and meaning and to become the hero of your own financial story. As you are looking for a financial advisor, check out our right-fit guide to help you ask the right questions so that you find the advisor that is right for you.

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We understand your goals because we share them too. This is why we never invest your money into something we do not personally invest in ourselves. We have worked with singles and families across Georgia to develop plans to reach their financial life goals and make significant financial decisions with certitude. Our custom planning process layered with full-access support from our advisors empowers our clients to live life intentionally and financially free.

Woodstock is a city in Cherokee County, Georgia, with a population of about 24,000 people, according to the 2010 census. The city is over one hundred years old, making it one of the county’s oldest towns. In the beginning, it had only about 300 residents, spread out across 960 acres.

Because of its geographic location, near Little River and Noonday Creek, Woodstock had a lot of water power. That enabled it to thrive in industries like wood carving, yarn spinning, and other related activities. By the 1890s, Woodstock would reportedly ship about 2,000 bales of cotton each year. The town would continue to prosper in mineral development activities, as well as farming.

As for its name, it is unclear where “Woodstock” comes from. There are a lot of theories surrounding it, one being that a man called Mr. Woodstock settled here and built a school for the community. Others believe the name comes from the novel of the same name written by Sir Walter Scott.

Today, Woodstock is still considered one of the fastest growing cities in the area, with a reported growth rate of 70% over the past ten years, a remarkable feat on all accounts.