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Money solves some problems and presents new challenges.

While it may seem counterintuitive to some people, you may experience some stress because of your wealth – because you feel the weight of responsibility to properly manage and use the resources that you have.

Do you feel…?

  • Pressure to steward your money well
  • Stressed about what you do not know
  • Overwhelmed with all the complex financial decisions you have to make

Are you concerned about…

  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Preserving and growing your wealth
  • Investment performance
  • Tax planning complexities
  • Optimizing your charitable donations
  • Potential negative impact on your children and grandchildren, if you leave them a sizable inheritance

You should be proud of your hard work and consistency in planning for your future! However, there is also a direct relationship between wealth and complexity – so you may be faced with navigating complex decisions when it comes to managing and protecting your legacy.


How can we support you?

  • Listen to your plans and dreams for yourselves, your family, and beyond
  • Understand your values and priorities
  • Guide and present you with various options
  • Help you achieve clarity and peace of mind
  • Create a plan for your wealth to live longer than you do
  • Be available anytime you have questions, to guide you as you strive to make the best decisions for you and your family
  • Lighten your burdens

all of the guidance so that you can enjoy all of the moments that matter

your trusted high net worth financial advisors

Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals at Goodwin Investment Advisory not only offer expertise and in depth analytics, but we also provide specialized services to our high net worth clients. With wealth comes more stewardship and a need for highly customized solutions from an experienced team. That is why we provide additional services such as more extensive financial planning, advanced tax planning, private equity and real estate investing, philanthropic giving, specialized trust and estate planning, and more. High net worth individuals have full access to our team of advisors and strategic partner companies to create sophisticated solutions tailored to fit your unique needs.

We are here to help reduce the complexity and guide you through these decisions to help simplify your life and help you truly enjoy your wealth. In addition we want to help you preserve and protect your legacy.

Retirement Planning - Family Playing and Having Fun on a Beach

Goodwin Investment Advisory has been working with high net worth individuals and families in Woodstock, GA for over 19 years.

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We understand your concerns and your goals, because we share them. Therefore we recommend the same investment principles and strategies for our clients as for our own personal investments.

We have worked with singles, divorcees, widows, couples, and multi-generational families across Georgia and 20+ states to create custom financial plans that reflect each client’s unique financial goals, and allows them to make significant financial decisions with confidence. Our custom planning process – complemented with full-access support from our wealth advisors – empowers our clients to live life intentionally and with a sense of financial security and freedom.