How to teach your Middle School kids about money

June 13, 2022 How to teach your Middle School kids about money Tim Goodwin, Certified Financial Planner, at Goodwin Investment Advisory, sharing some of his personal tips about teaching your Middle School aged kids about money. Do you wish you could help your kids or grandkids manage their money better? Tim and [...]

How to teach kids good money habits

Do you ever wish that you had started to save and plan for your retirement sooner? What a gift that would be. And while that’s not possible, it’s a gift that you can give to your children.

Finance lessons for your teen

Just as our parents and grandparents of the Great Depression era developed deeply ingrained attitudes about finances from their experience, our teens can share in the lessons of today’s “great recession” generation. The first step is to make your teen a partner with a stake in the family financial enterprise.

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