Tax reducing programs most business owners don’t know about

June 5, 2020 Tax reducing programs most business owners don’t know about Three tax reducing programs you might not be aware of as a small business owner 1. Georgia HEART program The Georgia HEART program was launched by our state legislature to support rural hospitals. This program helps fund local hospitals and provides incentives [...]

When your portfolio out-performs the market

May 4, 2020 How are my investments performing? How do you know if you have good, average, or poor performance? When Your Portfolio out-performs or under-performs the market, ask yourself, which market? (stocks, bonds, commodities, or something else) This means using benchmarks. Some common benchmarks are: The DOW: The Dow Jones Industrial [...]

Some Good (win) News

April 17, 2020 Some good news and ways to stay sane during Covid-19.  Shout out to John Krasinski and his “Some Good News” episodes.  Check out Episode 1, 2, and 3 here. He began celebrating the heroism and power of the human spirit during coronavirus.  Tara Bruce, Creative Brand Manager at Goodwin Investment Advisory wanted to follow in [...]

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