Accounts, communication and benefits

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Goodwin Investment Advisory provides a range of tools, services, and benefits to our clients.
Here’s a simplified and easy-to-read list: (maybe also a few you were unaware of?)

2 financial tools you have access to


gMoney is a powerful collaborative financial planning tool where both the advisor and the client can build out a complete financial picture, establish goals, manage scenarios, run over 250 reports, project income and expenses, including assets not professionally managed, upload financial documents, and track your net worth over time.


We use Fidelity as our preferred custodian, and their website provides your performance and brokerage statements (incl. tax reports), as well as tools to compare your investments’ performance against a large number of benchmarks. You can now use the Fidelity app to track your performance as well.

*If you need access for the first time, or if you are having trouble logging in, please email to let us know.

10 ways we communicate with you

The primary way we communicate with you is done electronically!
If you are not seeing our email communications, please email our team at

1. We LOVE personal communication with our clients, and you have unlimited access via phone, text, and email to your advisor team!

2. Every Monday you receive an email market update. In case you’re not receiving it, please check your spam folder for the subject line “Market brief” on Mondays.

3. Once a month we send an email only for our clients called “Insider”, which includes updates on our team, reminders of important things to know, events we are planning, real estate updates, local happenings, a section on individual growth and other fun extras.

4. We send semi-monthly blogs on Tuesdays covering financial topics that might be beneficial to you.

5. We frequently publish new guides to help you in a variety of areas including: end of year planning, tax & retirement planning, money conversations, taking care of aging parents, and many more. Some of these include very useful and printable checklists to help you as you face some complex issues.

6. We occasionally send text messages regarding important updates and events from this non-reply number (470) 210-2929 – Please save this number in your mobile phone.

7. Every year we send a postcard to thank you for your continued trust in us. We also send a postcard near your birthday with a QR code for you to scan and select a birthday book of your choice.

8. As of April, 2023 we launched the The Money PIG Podcast – offering insights from various advisors and industry experts on a variety of money topics, sprinkled with some humor.

9. We are active on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

10. Our website is an amazing knowledge center with extensive resources. You can even narrow your focus by looking up a topic of interest to you in our search bar, or by clicking on our categories for blogs.

Services and benefits we offer

growth, retirement, and estate financial planning (included in management fee)

A personal financial plan can cover

  • Social security options
  • Retirement income projections
  • Diversifying income sources in retirement
  • Retirement planning
  • Roth conversion strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning

  • Budgeting

professional asset management

  • institutional guidance through our investment committee
  • broad diversification of low-cost funds
  • multiple investment strategies with varying levels of risk

guidance on generosity – now and ongoing

  • help structure giving plans that fit your situation and goals
  • assistance with giving opportunities, and how to find charities that are good stewards
  • help to create a DAF (Donor Advised Fund) with benefits for you and your chosen charities

guidance on real estate investing

  • when to purchase a new home
  • when to sell
  • purchasing a rental property
  • downsizing
  • relocation based on your retirement goals

guidance during life transitions

  • job change / retirement
  • marriage / divorce / loss of spouse
  • birth of child
  • becoming empty nesters

  • loss of parent(s) and managing an inheritance

401k, 403b, 457 Advantage

We can advise on employer-sponsored retirement plans and we can manage your employer sponsored accounts.

tax advantaged strategies

  • Tax planning and we can work together with your trusted CPA
  • Guidance on federal and state tax-saving opportunities
  • Information on Health Savings Accounts
  • Tax Credits – two that we discuss in Georgia are GA Heart program and Student Scholarship Organizations These are both programs that provide GA tax payers with a tax credit for supporting rural hospitals and K-12 schools.

  • State and Local Tax (SALT) cap work around see HB149

fun client benefits

(we love showing our clients that “we care more”)

  • Invited to the GIA annual celebration
  • Smaller gatherings at the office (example: “Sip and Paint”)

  • Christmas event (Photos with Santa)
  • Reeves house event in Woodstock, GA
  • Free birthday book of your choice from our updated list mailed to your house each year
  • Incentive of $100 for putting a copy of your will in the gMoney vault.

The list of tools, services and benefits are provided as a general guide, and may not be applicable to each individual client’s situation. GIA does not receive compensation for mentioning the companies, trusted partners & external resources above. All investment carries risk, and GIA cannot guarantee results or growth. GIA may comment on tax topics in general terms, but you should consult with your CPA to determine your specific tax situation.