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Let’s design your Retirement Plan

Customized Retirement Planning with a CFP® Professional Wealth Advisor in Woodstock, GA

Gain Clarity

Clear guidance on what you need to know

Added Security

Protect your hard-earned wealth

Gain Confidence

Invest wisely so your money will be there for you when you need it


Worried about managing and protecting your money for retirement?

Not getting the retirement guidance you need?

We understand that uncertainty about your financial future can be stressful. And that it can be challenging to find an experienced retirement advisor to trust with your retirement plan. It should be simple, right?

You want someone who will listen to your concerns and individual goals, and who will partner with you along your journey.

Let us answer your questions and address your concerns.

Are you asking?


Guidance for your retirement plan

Successfully designing your “next chapter” requires a plan. Our team of CFP® Professional Wealth Advisors would love to guide you in creating your individualized retirement plan. Having a plan creates clarity, security, and confidence.


Gain clarity

Our expert advisors know how to create a retirement plan and strategy that is simple – with clear, actionable guidance.

Added security

Protect your hard-earned wealth by creating a plan together. We want to help you avoid common financial missteps and invest your money wisely so that it will be there for you when you need it.


Get Confidence

Through continued conversations with your advisor, you can prepare a plan for the lifestyle you want in retirement. Having a plan with continued check-ins will hopefully reduce stress and bring you and your spouse confidence.

Retire TO, not FROM

Our team of advisors will not only help you with the financial decisions around retirement, but they will also discuss your goals and help you retire TO a meaningful retirement.

Let’s design your retirement path together

Our advisor team specializes in investment and planning towards successful retirement for our clients. We understand that with retirement comes new possibilities, but also the fear of the unknown. Our team is here to help you every step of the way as you design, transition to, and live the retirement you have always dreamed of.

Throughout the process, we will help you navigate the unknowns and reduce uncertainty, while supporting your plans, keeping you on track, and celebrating your milestones with you.

You don’t have to do this alone! You will have help and guidance with financial planning, growing and protecting your wealth, minimizing the impact of taxes, and helping you reach your unique retirement goals.

Guidance for a meaningful retirement

For some, it may mean the end of full-time work and a complete transition to more meaningful activities. But for others, it’s an opportunity to design an ideal future: one that may include part-time work, exploring hobbies and interests you never had time for, mastering a skill, volunteering, starting a business, traveling the world, spending time with family, and more. The opportunities to create a meaningful retirement are endless.

To begin designing your path, you will need a retirement investment plan. Our advisors can discuss your financial questions and goals and guide you toward your ideal retirement.

Plan for your Retirement day

Planning for your retirement day may feel stressful because it might feel like there isn’t much room for error.  As you approach retirement, you’ll probably encounter several challenges and complex decisions. Having a retirement financial advisor to guide you through these challenges and decisions may give you peace of mind that you are on the right track.

Most of you will only retire once, so determining the perfect timing can feel daunting. At Goodwin Investment Advisory, we have guided many clients into a happy retirement. Every journey is unique, but there are always common topics that we will discuss throughout the process.

how to hire us?

Get on a call


schedule an intro call

Our consultant will listen to your story and answer any questions you have during this free 15-minute intro call.

Meet with an advisor


meet with an advisor

One of our advisors will discuss managing your investments and your financial goals in a free consultation.

Join our client family


join our client family

Join our firm for unparalleled customer service and get your personalized strategy and access to all of our services.

Retire by Design Workshops

We now offer workshops to help you prepare for retirement!

Are you stressed about retirement? This workshop aims to help remove stress by taking you beyond financial planning and to help you create and enjoy your ideal retirement.

Did you know that retirement ranks #10 on the list of the 43 most stressful life events, with 20 of the other most stressful events all happening near or in retirement? Retirement is a significant and stressful life event, so purposely and intentionally designing your retirement with purpose and meaning is essential.

This is a retirement course led and directed by Goodwin Investment Advisory’s Tara Bruce, who has a passion to guide individuals and couples as they approach retirement. To learn more or sign-up click below.


Can I hire someone to help me create a retirement plan but not manage my investments?2024-03-12T13:52:23+00:00

Yes, we offer hourly paid retirement planning.

Depending on your needs and the complexity of your plan, this could range from $1,000 up to $3,000 for a comprehensive financial plan. 

How much are the fees?2024-03-19T13:35:49+00:00

Our fees are calculated based on your assets under management (AUM) with us, with a minimum of $1000 quarterly. The overall percentage decreases as the AUM increases, and the fees are typically taken directly from your investment accounts on a quarterly basis.

Under this model, you will have access all of our services and team. To view our client advisory agreement, click here.

We also have hourly paid financial consulting for financial planning and does not include investment management. Click here to learn more.

What are my next steps?2024-03-12T13:51:27+00:00

The first step is to schedule an intro call. 

Next, you will have a free 60-minute consultation in our office. We prefer to meet with you in-person, but we can accommodate you virtually if you prefer.

Thereafter, it is up to you if you want to schedule a second consultation to continue the conversation.

If you are ready to engage our firm, we will set up a meeting to sign the necessary documents and get you started on your journey as part of our client family! 

What can I expect on the intro call?2024-03-12T13:50:59+00:00

On your introductory call, our consultant will ask you questions to get to know your story and financial goals.

If you want to prepare, the most challenging question you will be asked to answer is: “If we were meeting again 3-5 years from today, and you were looking back over time–what would need to happen to be happy with your financial progress?”

Our consultant will also ask you about your pain points, whether you have worked with a previous advisor, what success looks like when working with an advisor, any debt you might have, income streams, investments and your retirement plan. Our consultant will spend time addressing your questions and, if you request it, will set up a free follow-up consultation with one of our advisors. 

When is the best time to hire a financial advisor?2024-03-19T13:28:22+00:00
  • Managing your assets has become increasingly stressful on your own.
  • You are unhappy with your current advisor.
  • You want to collaborate with a financial professional before making big financial decisions, such as deciding when to retire.
  • You realize you have handled most (if not all) of your investments, and your spouse needs someone they trust and can turn to for help if they outlive you.
  • You receive a significant inheritance.
  • You retire or change employers.
  • You need help deciding when to take your Pension or if it’s better to take the lump sum payout. 
  • You have a large amount of cash, such as after selling property or a business. 
  • You want advice on a tax planning and minimization strategy when it comes to managing your investments. 
  • You lack confidence in your current financial plan and want to know what you don’t know to help remove that uncertainty and bring security.
Why should I hire a financial advisor?2024-03-19T13:29:16+00:00
  • You’ve probably heard the quote, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
    • Making decisions with a trusted financial advisor has proven time and time again to provide better outcomes than making decisions without a financial advisor. 
  • Please don’t take our word for it. Just search Google (or a different search engine if you prefer) with the phrase,
    • How much better returns do investors get with a financial advisor?
  • Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal referencing a study done by Vanguard, which found that “advisors can potentially add 3% or more to a client’s net investment returns by picking cost-effective investments, behavioral coaching, and more.”
    • You might be surprised to see how much faster investments can grow over time, with an annual 3% increase.
  • Consider asking a friend who has hired a financial advisor why they hired one. And while you’re at it, check out our Google reviews online, where many of our clients shared why they hired us. 

Better together

You might be thinking: Is it worth it to hire a financial advisor?

Navigating these complex retirement decisions alone can feel daunting. Having someone to help guide you can provide clarity, security, peace of mind, and confidence.

Also, Vanguard research has shown that it can typically add up to 3% more in net returns than doing it alone!

Check out our free guide to help you find your right-fit advisor. And if that is not us, that is OK – we encourage you to find the advisor that is right for you!

Right fit guide
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