Risk and Reward

Is there something big that you want more of in your life? What do you have to risk getting the reward? Joanna Gaines in an article titled, "Stepping Into the Unknown," wrote “You could be in danger of reaching for something big and beautiful. Something that might just change everything.”  Risk.  The definition is a situation [...]

U.S. Savings has hit a record high at 33% during coronavirus. What are you saving for?

Americans that have had the ability to keep their jobs and still work throughout the coronavirus have been spending significantly less money. This has led to a new record of American’s stockpiling cash and increasing savings, reaching an average of 33% of disposable income being saved in April of this year according to the [...]

Tax reducing programs most business owners don’t know about

June 5, 2020 Tax reducing programs most business owners don’t know about Three tax reducing programs you might not be aware of as a small business owner 1. Georgia HEART program The Georgia HEART program was launched by our state legislature to support rural hospitals. This program helps fund local hospitals and provides incentives [...]

Want to be happy, stop being so cheap! 2 Tips to combat fear and anxiety

2 Tips to combat fear and anxiety Be generous with your money. Be generous with your time. It sounds so simple. And it is really. Generosity is good for our souls. It’s good for our mental and physical health.  But before sharing about the positive effects of generosity, lets clear up a few things. [...]

When your portfolio out-performs the market

May 4, 2020 How are my investments performing? How do you know if you have good, average, or poor performance? When Your Portfolio out-performs or under-performs the market, ask yourself, which market? (stocks, bonds, commodities, or something else) This means using benchmarks. Some common benchmarks are: The DOW: The Dow Jones Industrial [...]

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