Investing when you do not think you are rich

I don’t think anyone really thinks they are rich, well, maybe Elon Musk and Bill Gates, but the rest of us feel pretty much like we fall somewhere in the middle. Not poor, but not rich either. You are just working hard to provide for you and your family and trying to enjoy your [...]

Estate Planning – Trusted Partner Sarah White

Sarah White is our recommended estate planning and probate lawyer. Sarah has been an attorney for almost 19 years and loves helping individuals and families plan for the future from her Marietta, Georgia office. During law school Sarah had an estate planning class and loved it so much because she wanted to use her degree [...]

Matthew McConoughey’s thoughts on taking ownership of your life in 2021

The dance of fate and control According to Donald Miller and Matthew McConoughey “Fate is a terrible writer -- and it shouldn’t be the one in the driver’s seat of your life. But there has to be a balance between fate and control, right?” Matthew McConaughey’s take on this topic is an inspiring one, [...]

Freelance and Social Security

Thankfully, there's one benefit you won't have to relinquish if you pursue a freelance career: Social Security. Freelancers have the same access to Social Security as salaried employees and are eligible provided they rack up enough lifetime credits (40 credits). Former freelance workers can begin collecting those benefits between age 62 and 70 when eligible. Key [...]

Before you become a full-time freelancer

While being a freelancer brings certain benefits, working for yourself also comes with a unique set of challenges. So before you quit your full-time job and go it on your own, consider these three perspectives. 

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