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In this episode, Tim Goodwin, Founder and President of Goodwin Investment Advisory, joins as a guest to discuss PPIs (Purpose Performance Indicators) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). They break down their BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) which center around clients, team members, community, and the financial industry as a whole. For clients specifically, they aim to empower families with confidence that their legacy will last for generations and track generational clients along with a Net Promoter Score which was 83 in the latest survey. They also strive to create careers people love within their team of 13 employees using the OfficeVibe system for regular feedback surveys resulting in scores higher than industry benchmarks. Finally, they focus on serving the community through various initiatives such as charity work.
Tim talks about the importance of making an impact in their community beyond just managing money. They measure their impact through generosity, such as helping clients establish donor advised funds, and giving away birthday books to clients. They also give back to various nonprofits, including supporting schools and local educational funds. Tim emphasizes the need for more diversity in the financial advising industry. He is trying to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. He also encourages companies to track purpose performance indicators alongside key performance indicators. Goodwin Investment Advisory offers benefits  to employees such as 2 paid volunteer days annually as part of their intentional strategy for making a positive impact on their community. 
If you are looking for a Financial Advisor that does not think of you as just a number and truly cares not only about you as an individual and your unique financial goals, but also cares about your impact on your community, then please reach out to us to learn more about how we can help guide you. 
The Money PIG podcast is hosted by Reid Trego. Goodwin Investment Advisory is a Registered Investment Advisory firm regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance and compliance with securities laws and regulations. Goodwin Investment Advisory does not render or offer to render personalized investment or tax advice through the Money PIG podcast.  The information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, tax, investment or legal advice.
The Money PIG Podcast brought to you by Goodwin Investment Advisory where our Mission is to lead people to Financial Peace, Independence and Generosity.
By Published On: July 14th, 2023

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