Are you doing a disservice to your friends?

Do you like adding value to your family and friends? Do you enjoy seeing people you love liberated and empowered to live the goodLIFE? So do we! So –  when a friend mentions a frustration with finance, do we come to mind? If so, we would like to provide you with some ideas and strategies you can use to introduce us to your friends and family.  These expressions of frustration are the perfect time to bring up your favorite financial advisor. “Hey, my advisor helped me with that, you should talk to him/her.” Or better yet, encourage them to get on our website and schedule an intro-call. It’s super easy. Our intro-caller, can even do evening and weekend intro-calls. Once an into-call is completed, a GIA advisor will follow up and take it from there. So next time someone expresses frustration, use it as an opportunity to say, “Hey, I can connect you with someone who can help!”

Another way to share is by using The goodLIFE pyramid.  It is a great illustration and easy way to introduce your friends and family to what we do. Do you see anything on this pyramid above that you’ve recently discussed with a family member or friend? Share it with them by sending it to them in an e-mail and encourage them to check us out online at to get to know more about who we are and what we are about.

Thanks for your partnership and helping us in creating opportunities where hope for financial freedom can thrive!  We love that you are living the goodLIFE and want to share that with the people you love.

By Published On: October 10th, 2019

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