White water rafting is an exhilarating experience. The thrill and beauty of running the river and maneuvering through rapids is not something guests will soon forget. White water rafting guides create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They wake up early and prepare for the day by setting up camp, bringing in food and gear and teaching participants how to use different paddle techniques and work to move the raft swiftly and as smoothly as possible down the river.The guide is expertly trained to read the river, assessing risks, and determines the safest and most enjoyable way to go through each rapid.Guides allow the participants to be the adventurers and to fulfill childlike dreams of being like Davy Crocket or Daniel Boone.  Rafters feel like heroes doing the hard work of working through the intense rapids as a team.After the excursion, the guide prepares a delicious meal while the participants celebrate their experience with one another.

How are these guides like a Financial Advisor?  Well – good Financial Advisors serve as a guide for clients,  financially helping them to have an enjoyable experience with their money. They are an experienced expert andguide clients in reducing and eliminating financial risk.Much like navigating the river, good financial advisors help to safely and enjoyable create a course of action, or a long term game plan.  GoodFinancial Planners help clients look ahead, asses what is coming, and create a plan for their bigger-better-future.  Guides help customers stay focused and intentional, teaching strategies and techniques to navigate theirown financial future. Financial planning isn’t one and done. It’s dynamic. Advisors work with clients to continually update their plan as their situation, markets and the tax landscape evolves.A greatfinancial advisor helpsindividuals become theheroes of their own story, helping them accomplish their goals and dreams and is then there to celebrate the wins along their financial course.

Recently, Tim Goodwin, of Goodwin Investment Advisory went rafting the Colorado River in Arizona and he was in awe of the metaphorical similarities of his job and that of his guide. Tim said, “When it comes to finances, we (Team GIA) want to guide our clients to be their own hero. It reminded me of my white water river guide. The guides job was to steer the boat away from danger. The guide knew the terrain and did his best to guide the boat in the best way possible. He wantedour crew on the raft to have a blast. We had to work for it, we hadto paddle, extend effort. We were out in the front, experiencing it all firsthand. That’s a good illustration for how we guide our clients when it comes to their money and investments. We’ve been there, we know what might be ahead, there may be some unexpected bumps along the way and it’ll take work. But we’ll be there as your guide and coach you the whole way.  At the end, we’ll celebrate the journey you’ve made.”

Are you interested in seeing what a guide can do for you?  Let our team of advisors guide you toward the financial freedom and peace-of-mind that you’re searching for.

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By Published On: September 19th, 2019

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