Swine & Wine annual client appreciation event

Goodwin Investment Advisory’s annual client appreciation event… Swine & Wine!

It was a magical evening full of gratitude – celebrating GIA’s wonderful clients, enjoying delicious BBQ from Smoke Jack BBQ, wine tasting from Talk of the Table in Cumming + bourbon tasting, axe throwing from Crazy Axes,  and a live DJ to end the night’s festivities. The event was hosted by Tim and Maureen Goodwin on their mini-farm in Canton, GA. Guests not only had plenty of entertainment, but a wonderful chance to relax and engage with one another.

Tim Goodwin, founder and president of Goodwin Investment Advisory, culminated the evening with an eloquent and entertaining speech hi-lighting some of the awards and achievements of GIA. He announced that GIA was one the Top 3 finalists by Carson Group for the “Emerging Firm of the Year Award” out of 340 firms in North America. For the 3rd year in a row GIA was voted by the community as “Favorite Financial Advisor” in Woodstock, GA. Plus, Goodwin Investment Advisory is one of only three firms in north central GA that Dave Ramsey recommends.

In line with GIA’s mission statement of leading people to generosity, Tim shared that this year in just the Fidelity managed charitable accounts clients have given $240,000! And, GIA is about to hit 1 million in charitable grants that they manage. The statistics show that 33% of clients have increased giving since hiring GIA. Tim commented, “So it is neat to hear that we’re not only giving you confidence and helping grow wealth, but also seeing clients become more generous, or have the ability to give more.” GIA also enjoys being generous and not just monetarily. As a company GIA gives away books to encourage clients to grow and learn and this year they have given away 33 books and since they started giving books away they have given away a total of 291 books!

The company is growing and expanding as well! This year GIA has signed 60 new families. Tim stated, “I can remember back in the day when Maureen and I were so grateful just to win one client a month.” Now, GIA has clients in over 20 states! In 2010 team GIA set a 10x goal as a firm. The goal was to expand from managing 10 million in assets to 100 million by 2020. That is 26% growth every year. Goodwin Investment Advisory is currently at 92 million in asset management and on track to meet this goal early!

Tim went on to share his passion for their mission of “Leading people to financial peace, independence and generosity. Basically, get out of debt, invest and then give it away. Helping to guide clients to be the hero of their own finances. GIA wants to impact families for generations! He ended his speech with his deep gratitude, by thanking all of the guests and those in the other 19 states who couldn’t attend the event, for trusting him and his incredible team, to help guide them to live the goodLIFE. What a fun celebration it was!

By Published On: October 17th, 2019

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