April 17, 2020

Some good news and ways to stay sane during Covid-19. 

Shout out to John Krasinski and his “Some Good News” episodes.  Check out Episode 12, and 3 here. He began celebrating the heroism and power of the human spirit during coronavirus.  Tara Bruce, Creative Brand Manager at Goodwin Investment Advisory wanted to follow in his footsteps and share with all of you.

Some stories for you: 

Tom Moore – A 99-year-old English man set out to walk around his garden and to raise money for every lap he walked. His goal was to raise £1,000 for hospital workers. He raised 3.3 million dollars thanks to generosity and human kindness.

Public healthcare workers put out a call of desperation because they needed supplies such as masks, shields, goggles, and hand sanitizer and the entire world answered the call. Major companies, local restaurants, Facebook groups, sports teams, and individual families provided

Mathew McConoughey has been hosting virtual Bingo for a Texas senior living facility.

Keith Urban is providing entertainment to fans on Instagram playing music and taking requests.

College students in NJ are replacing vulnerable meals on wheels drivers.

Will Smith and Jada Smith are hosting Red Table Talk with family and sharing wisdom and insights about the virus

Tyler Perry picks up groceries for senior hour shoppers in 73 grocery stores

Landlords are telling renters they can skip payments for the month of April

Families are leaving gifts for delivery drivers, notes in mailboxes, and care packages are being sent to healthcare workers. Meals are being delivered and provided for those in need. One of our clients even shared about a local woman who is providing meals for 38 families 2 times a day for an entire month for Grandparents caring for Grandchildren in Atlanta.  People are rising up in generosity all over the world.

One neighborhood came together and bought a food truck and they are using it to offer hot meals to local furloughed service industry employees.

People everywhere are calling to check on each other. Even some celebrities are personally calling fans to surprise them. Team GIA has called every one of our clients to personally check on them, because we care.

Tyson, the big food company committed to giving 60 million dollars in bonuses to its employees

AT&T is fully covering 3 months of cell phone bills of nurses, first responders, and doctors across America.

Companies are innovating – Xerox and Vortran, together are producing thousands of disposable ventilators.

Recovered Coronavirus patients: 

People are now being released after being sick with Covid19 – hospital nurses are cheering, creating dances, and some even doing Conga lines to celebrate their recovery as patients exit the hospital.  Here’s one video of nurses dancing to “Can’t Touch This”

Some patients are even donating plasma after recovery and one Texas man’s plasma has already helped another patient recover.

A 104-year-old man and WWII Veternan Bill Lapschies survived Covid19 in Oregon and was released from the hospital. Here is his what he said upon release he laughed and told the news, “I don’t know. It just went away.”  Here is an inspirational video about him.

Environmental good news:

Decrease in pollution levels have been registered by scientists in cities of lockdown – sounds like a no brainer, but more specifically the Environmental Protection Ministry reported nitrogen dioxide has decreased by 30% compared to the weeks before the virus started. And there is solid data showing how air pollution has direct effect on human health. They are even seeing blue skies in China and in Northern India they have been able to see the Himalayan Mountains.

Heroes at home:

Nice job parents – with the homeschooling!!!! You’re doing a great job!  Take a deep breath and be proud of all that you are doing! You are a hero in your own home.

Staying sane:

Did you know that health care workers are now prescribing a “nature pill” to help cope with stress and anxiety, because Frontiers in Psychology published a study showing how 20-30 minutes in nature significantly lowers your stress hormones?

And in closing… “Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth move” It’s up to you.  Choose to smile!

Thanks for watching Some Goodwin News.

By Published On: May 23rd, 2020

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