At Goodwin Investment Advisory, we define retirement as having the option to pursue meaningful work. If you are not currently working the job you love, what would you rather be doing? Are you living out your unique, beautiful, and God-given purpose on planet earth? If not, how can you get into the business of doing that? How can you find enjoyment and add value to others through your life’s work? Being disconnected from adding value to others will eventually cause you to be miserable. How can you start living a more meaningful life now? We would love to hear your answers, or thoughts and help you to retire now so that you can begin to do what you really love!

Let’s redefine the old idea of retirement and change perspective from the old way of thinking. It used to be, and still is for most, that you work a job that you might not love just because it has a good pension and a 401K. You decide to stick it out and painfully trudge through 40 prime years of your life so that you can retire and do nothing with the hopes of finally enjoying your life. But you are not promised tomorrow, especially now in the midst of a global pandemic. There are no guarantees. Here are two examples just from our GIA family and clients whose lives were cut short just at the brink or beginning of retirement.

  1. One of our beloved clients worked hard for many years. She was a single lady who’d done an excellent job of saving, living on less than she made, and built up a strategy for multiple income streams in retirement including her Social Security, investments, and real estate. Being a very generous woman, she actually worked harder and longer than she even really wanted to just to make sure not only she was taken care of, but there’d be money left over to help her family.  Then came the big day of retirement on a Friday afternoon after a big send-off party from her company.  She was excited to get started on the business of finally being retired.  The next day, she had a tragic accident. She survived the accident, but never even regained consciousness. She passed away without ever being able to enjoy any of the retirement she had worked so hard for. This is a rare occurrence, but it definitely makes you think… you work so hard to retire and then might not even get to enjoy it.
  2. Another one of our dear clients who planned very well for retirement with his wife,  – they both had a pension, were completely debt-free, had both a primary and a vacation home, and considerable investments – retired at the age of 59. Only 8 months after retirement the wife came home to find that her husband had passed away from a heart attack after his normal work-out routine. He didn’t even have a history of heart issues in his family and he was extremely healthy. Even though he was able to retire early, he was only able to enjoy it for a few months.

Now, we’re not saying this is going to happen to you. Most likely it will not happen, but we want to make you think and to adjust your mindset surrounding retirement. We want you to retire now. We want you to enjoy your time by living a meaningful life. Your goal should not be to retire and do nothing. Most people that retire with this mindset realize quickly that they want to do something impactful with their free time besides just playing golf and gardening. Your end goal should enable you to be able to choose any work you love that empowers you to use your gifts and talents and strengths in a way that leaves a meaningful and lasting impression on the people around you. The idea is that you get to add value to others and truly leave a legacy with your life. Check out Stephen Covey’s book titled, “The 8th Habit” to help you learn about your own unique voice (the intersection of your passions, talents and a need in the world).

So, we just want to get you thinking. Do you need to quit your job? Is there something else you can be doing that would be more fulfilling? Can you retire early so that you can begin pursuing meaningful work? Let Goodwin Investment Advisory help you determine if you can do just that. At GIA, we care about every aspect of your life and want to see you thriving in your day to day, adding value to others, and confident that you are leaving a legacy with your life as well as your wealth.

By Published On: September 5th, 2020

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