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Reid Trego welcomes Dale Alexander, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, and the newest Goodwin Investment Advisory Investment Committee member, to the Money PIG podcast. Dale is known for his passion project, “The Talk” about Money, aimed at helping young people start their financial lives on solid footing. He authored a book on this topic and has been featured nationally in various media outlets. The talk focuses on making 70% of one’s paycheck the new standard by living within means, investing, and giving away 20% and 10%, respectively. Most money problems are not about money but priorities, greed, advertising, algorithms, or unawareness.

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The speaker discusses the importance of budgeting and setting priorities for one’s finances. They use the analogy of a dog in a backyard without boundaries to illustrate how having financial boundaries can actually lead to more freedom. The speaker then goes on to discuss living on 70% and investing 20%, using a $36,000 salary as an example. They emphasize that anyone can achieve wealth and generosity by following this plan, regardless of their background or education. The transcript also touches on the idea of not being aware of one’s financial situation and drifting away from financial goals due to distractions.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a home base and setting goals in life. They discuss the unawareness of many people when it comes to money and making proper financial decisions. The speaker encourages giving back to others, as it not only brings personal fulfillment but also attracts success and happiness. They share stories of how their book has been widely received by schools and young adults, with positive impacts on their perspectives about giving and financial responsibility. The overall message is that anyone can achieve wealth, generosity, and happiness by following a different path than what society promotes.

Dale Alexander discusses the impact of making a specific financial decision, highlighting how it changed his life and the potential ripple effects it can have on future generations. He emphasizes the importance of teaching young adults about investing in mutual funds and stocks, providing resources to help them get started. The conversation also touches on the power of visualization in achieving personal and professional goals.

Throughout the podcast, Dale shares practical advice for managing money, living within means, and finding fulfillment through peace, independence, and generosity.

The Money PIG Podcast brought to you by Goodwin Investment Advisory where our Mission is to lead people to Financial Peace, Independence and Generosity.
By Published On: October 3rd, 2023

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