Hear some good news from Tim Goodwin, President at Goodwin Investment Advisory as he shares about the current market and coronavirus
March 30, 2020

Good News

We know you are all wanting some good news right about now. Tim Goodwin shares some good news in his YouTube video above. He is looking in the rearview mirror and celebrating the wins and victories as they come.

Some amazing advice right now from Dr. Caroline Leaf is to think about the words and thoughts you are using to frame this time. The thoughts you choose can and will change how both your mental and physical health responds. You can choose to either see this current situation as a “prison” or an “inconvenience.” Which becomes a toxic thought. Or, you can choose to decide to see the possibilities of this time and how they can benefit you and your family. What if you thought this way, “Your not STUCK at home. You are SAFE at home.”  See how one word can drastically change how you frame this situation. Try it!

Two things to celebrate:

1. End of the bear market 
Today marks the one week anniversary of the end of the shortest bear market in the history of the Dow 30.  At the end of Thursday we had at least 20% increase from the recent low on Monday to bring us into the new bull market.  Stocks don’t necessarily just go down because of bad things happening. The stock market typically goes down because of increased uncertainty. With the coronavirus we have been less certain, so that increases the fluctuations. As uncertainty decreases we tend to see an upward turn in the stocks.

2.    Coronavirus: Less deaths and less reported cases 
According to on the Coronavirus statistics there were less reported cases on Sunday in the USA than the day before. This is the first time the statistics have shown that since March 21. Not only that, but there were less daily new deaths. The death total yesterday was 264 and the day before 525. The numbers are encouraging and gives us something to celebrate.

If you have anything you want to celebrate. Post it and tag @goodwin_investment on instagram. We want to celebrate with you!  We are FOR you!

By Published On: May 23rd, 2020

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