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Tim Goodwin and GIA’s Marketing Manager, Tara Bruce, join the Money Pig podcast to discuss retiring in an RV. Tara recently wrote a really entertaining blog titled, “Roaming and Rolling: The hilarious adventures of retiring in an RV.” Tim shares his experiences of renting an RV for trips, with mixed results. Tara talks about her parents who sold their million dollar dream home to buy an RV, but eventually settled in Gulf Shores and bought a house there. Tim also shares his extensive experience of spending around 150 days in an RV over the past few years, including a recent 28-day road trip where they encountered some challenges. Overall, the conversation highlights both the appeal and potential difficulties of retiring in an RV.

They talked about retiring in an RV and mentioned considerations such as downsizing, proximity to family, managing logistics on the road, and finding suitable places to stay. Different types of campgrounds were discussed, from budget-friendly options to upscale ones like Margaritaville or Disney’s campground. The speaker also mentioned staying at wedding venues, breweries, farms, and wineries through Harvest Hosts. Tim shared a comical incident where they accidentally drove away without retracting the awning.

Tara Bruce shares the importance of planning before retiring in an RV. They mention considerations such as healthcare, hiring a financial advisor, managing property while traveling, having a will and estate plan, making travel reservations, and packing essential items for RV living. They also highlight the beauty of national parks and share their personal experiences with RV trips.

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By Published On: September 11th, 2023

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