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Reid Trego and Tim Goodwin discuss the Free Second Opinion Retirement Plan Assessment (FSORPA), which is a simple assessment designed for people who are seriously thinking about retiring or have recently retired. Goodwin Investment Advisory is offering a Free Second Opinion Retirement Assessment to anyone with a growing portfolio of $300,000 or more from one of their CFP® professional Advisors.

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The assessment helps individuals gauge their ability to save for retirement, evaluate their withdrawal rate from investable assets, assess home equity, consider potential inheritances, and determine retirement expenses. The FSORPA aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on retirement planning.

Tim and Reid discuss various aspects of retirement planning, including the importance of covering basic necessities with fixed income, the role of insurance in protecting wealth, the need to invest cash assets for long-term growth, and considering potential liquidity events. The conversation emphasizes the value of assessing one’s financial situation and seeking professional advice to ensure a secure retirement plan.

To get a free Second Opinion retirement plan assessment, visit their website and schedule a call with one of their GIA consultants. They also offer a free blog with helpful content that has been regularly updated for several years. The blog has a high open rate and offers quick wins, guides, and resources. They recommend subscribing to the blog if you want to learn more about what is discussed on the podcast. An easy way to subscribe text BLOG to 66866. Additionally, they have checklists and an end-of-year planning guide available on their website.

If you want help managing and investing your money, or just a second opinion on your retirement plan, one of our CFP® professional wealth advisors would love to discuss your individual goals and options with you. Please reach out by scheduling a free 20 minute intro call with our Goodwin Investment Advisory consultant here.

The Money PIG podcast is hosted by Reid Trego. Goodwin Investment Advisory is a Registered Investment Advisory firm regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance and compliance with securities laws and regulations. Goodwin Investment Advisory does not render or offer to render personalized investment or tax advice through the Money PIG podcast. The information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, tax, investment or legal advice.
By Published On: December 5th, 2023

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