January 7, 2021

When was the last time you logged into your 401k?

When was the last time you logged into your 401k? Most of us have a 401k plan. We’re excited to get it set up and start contributing. We want to take advantage of that employer match, but often we just set it up and forget all about it. Your 401k will be an enormous part of what helps you retire well, so why not log into your 401k see how it did last year? The S&P 500 is a benchmark that many of us use to measure how the U.S. stock market is doing. Last year, it was 18.4%. Log into your 401k and see how your 401k performed last year. Make sure that it’s performing at the level that you want. Maybe it did better than that. Maybe it did worse.

If you need some help figuring out how to allocate that, check with your company. Most companies with a 401k also have an advisor assigned to that 401k plan. Reach out to your 401k department or your HR department and find out who your 401k advisor is. Call them, set an appointment, and talk to them about your 401k. They can help you invest in the most appropriate way for you.

By Published On: December 9th, 2021

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