How did your investments perform in 2022? Are you on track to reach your retirement goals? 

I know after 2022 you might not want to talk about performance (It could come out sounding like perrrr forrr mannnn ceee, like you are allergic to the word itself, or have a bit of a stutter, especially if you saw a massive drop in your 401k or your IRA.  

But, regardless if you made money or lost money this past year, it is always a good idea to assess how your investments performed. As we begin 2023, ask yourself, “Was my performance enough to reach my financial goals? Did my investments help me to stay on track with my retirement plan? Do I need to reassess my current goals and adjust my investment strategy? Am I invested too aggressively, or not risky enough?” These are definitely some questions you want to ask yourself. The next step is to have a conversation with your financial advisor, who can help guide you as you set new goals as well as make changes in your investment strategy to accommodate any life changes, or unexpected events, or help you reach new goals.  
We have compiled a retirement & tax planning cheat sheet for 2023 to help you in planning as you prepare to meet your retirement goals. We hope this guide will help you see everything you need to know in one place for easy reference while planning your retirement. 
By Published On: January 16th, 2023

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