Reid Trego

Registered Financial Advisor

Staff nickname: Rico  Enneagram: 7

Strengths: Communication | Connectedness | Includer | Positivity | WOO

His personal motto – “Do the next right thing”

Causes he supports – Kids Boost, Woodstock City Church, Junior Achievement, Wild Animal Encounters

Unique ability:  Reid has a unique ability to build trust quickly with individuals he meets because he always sees and finds the good in people, believing the best in them. His charming authenticity and love for serving others really allows him to connect with people on a heart level. His love for helping others has led him to GIA as a Financial Consultant where he has the opportunity to help guide families to confidence in their financial plan – providing both financial and investment advice that will help people live more fulfilled lives. 

Reid grew up in the farming town of Hoopeston, Illinois, which is known as the Sweet Corn Capital of the World. He attended Indiana University receiving a degree in both Economics and Psychology, which is very fitting for his role helping people with their personal finances. He is married to his wife Christy and together they have a daughter Macy, 22, and a son named Brady, 20. He has owned 3 different franchises including the Huntington Learning Center in Woodstock, GA for 11 years. Reid and Christy were both MoneyWise Mentors with Dave Ramsey’s financial coaching program.

He feels the most present when – “When traveling with my wife, maybe while scuba diving.”

He would love to have coffee with: “Thomas Sowell, an extraordinary academic economist, I would want to ask him what he would want to be remembered for most?”

What helps him feel grounded when life gets crazy: “exercise – specifically tennis, and I do a crossword puzzle almost every morning.”
One lesson he keeps relearning is: “People usually do things that make sense to them at the time. So when someone’s situation looks crazy to me, I have to remember that it wasn’t crazy to them at the time, and there’s probably more to the story that I don’t know”

When he looks at himself and the life he lives he is most proud of– “that I’ve been able to do a variety of different jobs and start different businesses. I love variety, whether work, food, travel, or friends. It keeps life exciting!”

The best piece of advice he has ever received is, “a business mentor taught me as a business leader your enthusiasm affects everything.”

Favorite books:

You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think by Wes Moss
What the Happiest Retirees Know by Wes Moss
Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

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