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Christy Peacock

Christy Peacock

H.R. Manager

As our in-house bookkeeper, Christy manages our financial statements so we can focus on serving clients. When we began searching for the ideal candidate, we knew they needed an almost-religious attention to detail. They had to be the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice about checking things twice. In Christy Peacock, PharmD, we found that.

A Doctor of Pharmacy with a degree from Samford University, Christy understands that consistent accuracy matters. While she was born with a love of precision, her parents cultivated her dependable nature. Their financial philosophy of “save, give and only then spend” was not lost on Christy. After college, Christy and her husband began paying off student debt, car loans and other obligations. Along with this financial freedom came new responsibilities – children.

This life transition from full-time pharmacist to full-time mom is also how Christy ended up at Goodwin Investment Advisory. Because she was only working 2 to 3 days each month as a pharmacist, she could volunteer as PTA treasurer at her daughter’s school. This new skillset came easily to her, and along with it, came a desire to pursue it professionally. Because Christy and her husband were already clients at Goodwin Investment Advisory, our team knew of this talent and the interest. That’s why when we needed a bookkeeper, she was our first call.

Working at Goodwin Investment Advisory means Christy can balance her professional ambitions with her responsibilities at home. It also means she has the time to think about long-term goals, which, along with other international trips, include a cross-country roadtrip. For Christy, her new career path is also part of her bigger, better future, and we, and by connection our clients, are thankful to be the beneficiaries.