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Justin Pitcock

Justin Pitcock

Financial Advisor

Our resident t-crosser and i-dotter, Justin’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his role. As a member of our advisor team, Justin focuses his detailed-oriented personality on clients who are actively building wealth, helping guide them to their bigger, better future. And as our compliance manager, applies his previous experience as a Senior Compliance Examiner to ensure our entire practice is ship-shape.

His focus on excellence long predates his time at Goodwin Investment Advisory or the Georgia Securities Division. Growing up on a farm taught Justin the value of a job done well ­– an ethic he’s adhered to throughout his life.

But while Justin always had a natural knack for finance, he graduated from Jacksonville State University with a degree in Exercise Science. Thankfully for us, his interest and aptitude won out, and he soon returned to Berry College where he received an M.B.A. And shortly after graduating, Justin joined the Georgia Securities Division as an examiner, which is how we met Justin. He audited Goodwin Investment Advisory and felt that our commitment to client service set us apart from other advisories. When we started looking to hire a new advisor, Justin applied. We then had a chance to “audit” him, and were nothing short of impressed.

Now as a member of our team, Justin is able to apply his talents, tendencies and experience in a variety of capacities. And while no one chooses to be audited, we’re sure thankful that Justin had a chance to examine our team.