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Angela Lyle

Angela Lyle

Project Manager

Angela works as our Project Manager, meaning she is the one thinking through every detail for every project. Before she joined us, she was pursuing a career in property management, leveraging her talent for managing the specifics and her passion for helping others. However, with the birth of her first child, she changed careers and became a full-time mom. When Angela was able to reclaim some of her free time, we were lucky enough to claim those available hours.

Having parents who never discussed money, Angela grew up without financial anxiety. While this security was a blessing as a child, she admits, it did not prepare her for the responsibility of managing her own money. From her first job until her first child, she relied on the paycheck-to-paycheck philosophy. However, when facing a new life with this young life in her care, she began to appreciate the financial legacy her parents had passed on to her. That thriftiness had afforded her a wonderful childhood, and she was determined to pass on this blessing to her own newborn.

Steps were taken. Angela and her husband graduated from Financial Peace University, and with the wisdom acquired from this Dave Ramsey course, began prioritizing freedom from debt. While the journey has not been without mistakes, they are already anticipating the day when their mortgage is paid off.

Working for Goodwin Investment Advisory means Angela can work with co-workers who share her financial values, exercise her project management genius and have the flexibility to put her family first. In addition, as she and her husband together work toward financial freedom, they can save for future adventures to the Hawaii, the United Kingdom and Spain. A world-class t-crosser and i-dotter, Angela is an asset to our firm, and by extension, to our clients.