Leading People To Financial Peace, Independence & Generosity


Our Craft

Financial freedom leads to opportunity, and we believe intentional planning is the roadway to financial freedom.

Our Culture

Everyone experiences financial frustration. We believe you shouldn't have to go it alone. Join our community. 

Our Clients

Our clients are the hero, and we want to be their trusted guide as they navigate their money decisions.


how do you get paid?

We win when you win. We earn no commissions. We don’t sell products; we provide a service. This keeps us together--on the same side of the court. Technically we are fee-only, fiduciary, independent financial advisors. Most of our clients pay an assets under management fee that can cover their financial planning and coaching needs. Non-investment management clients pay for services like financial planning and coaching on demand and are priced based on time and complexity.

how do I know I can trust you?

Ernest Hemingway once said, “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” We are not asking you to blindly trust us. We don’t believe in asking our clients to do something we haven’t done. Ask your advisor if they personally invest the same way they are asking you to invest. You’ll find that not only are our advisors also clients of the firm, so are our client services staff.

We also encourage you to Google our name and the name of the advisor you are considering hiring. See what reputation we have online. Read our website, blog and Facebook page. Searching our name on the SEC’s website https://www.adviserinfo.sec.gov will confirm we have a clean record, with no complaints filed.

what is your track record?

We highly encourage model investing. Even though our approach is customized, most of our clients invest in at least one of our model portfolios. GIA’s model portfolio design is heavily influenced by BlackRock Asset Management--the largest asset manager in the world--and Morningstar Research. Even though past performance is not indicative of future results, we are willing and able to share how our models have performed in the past to help our clients better gauge the right approach for their money.

how do you relate to my problems?

Our advisors are encouraged to be transparent and real with our clients, and we encourage you to choose an advisor that can best relate to you. Many of our advisors have been through some very difficult personal financial struggles and forged a path to win with money. Many of us struggle with the same problems as our clients: how to budget your money well; how to communicate with your spouse about money; how to minimize taxes and fees; how to gain enough confidence your money will outlive you; how to leave a lasting impact on your family, church or alma mater. With the frequent overlap of our stories and those of our clients, you might be surprised at how well our advisors can empathize with your situation.

will hiring you simplify my life?

Simplifying your life is a lens through which we constantly view our services. Our Financial Navigation Dashboard is one of our solutions to simplifying your financial life by bringing your budget, planning, investments, reporting and more all into one place that is easily accessed by your phone or computer.

do you have a clear process to guide me where I want to go?

Yes we do. Everyone’s situation is unique. We have tools and unique processes that we use to help you go further faster. Our job is to help you clear the path to get where you want to go. Visit our Services page to learn about our Financial Navigation Process.

You Have More Questions. We Have More Answers.