What is work-life balance? And, are we searching for the wrong thing?

Jordan Raynor, author of Called to Create proclaims, “You can’t open Twitter or Instagram without seeing someone talking about “work-life balance.” It seems like all of us are searching for this elusive ideal.” Are we searching for the wrong thing? Jordan goes on to say, “There are two things that have long bothered me about our collective [...]

Is a second job really worth it?

Whatever the reason, a second job is often the most sensible solution for solving a serious financial problem. However, before you take on another role, consider whether it’s going to be the difference maker that you need it to be.  

4 ways to maximize your employee benefits

While understanding your employee benefits may be the to-do you keep putting off, if you don’t make time, there’s no way to know what all you might be missing. So, here are the four things you absolutely need to do to fully use your employee benefits. 

Do you really need a financial advisor?

Financial independence doesn't necessarily mean independently making financial decisions. Instead, it's about working toward your bigger, better future by relying on the assets and resources at your disposal. So, before you decide whether or not you need a financial advisor, here are three things you should consider. 

Stay at home jobs that work

If you’ve ever looked for a job on Craigslist, you’ve seen those work-from-home scams far too many times. “Work from home for 4 hours a day! $2500 per week!”. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. 

How to safeguard your identity

While there’s little you can do to prevent a major data breach that might expose your sensitive records, there’s plenty you can do to fortify your own records and reduce or eliminate the opportunities for identity thieves to turn your life upside down.  Your own vigilance is your first and last line of defense, and it can be heightened by incorporating very specific identity theft prevention measures into your daily routines.

5 things you should expect from your financial advisor

You should expect your financial advisor to have in place a clearly defined process for working with you to develop and implement your investment strategy. You know you’ve found the right financial advisor when that process includes, at a minimum, these five elements...

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