Financial Guides: Taxes


End-of-year Planning Guide

As the end of the year approaches, consider the following items that may impact your financial, tax planning, and estate planning goals. The guide was made with our team of advisors, a CPA, and an estate planner. It highlights the importance of tax planning, maximizing employee benefits, understanding capital gains distributions, utilizing donor-advised funds for charitable giving, and managing medical expenses.


Retirement and Tax Planning Quick Sheet

When considering the new 2024 retirement and tax planning guidelines, do you feel scattered and unorganized? Keeping track of all the changes can feel overwhelming. To provide you with some clarity, we created a 2024 Retirement and Tax Planning Quicksheet to help you see all the new updates in one easy-to-follow worksheet. This simple cheat sheet will help you organize and plan for 2024. In the quick sheet, we share the new retirement limits, Income tax brackets, capital gains tax rate thresholds, standard deductions, traditional IRA deductions, MAGI phase-outs, Roth IRA contributions, MAGI phase-outs, and Medicare premiums.

Tax planning guide for 2024 (Goodwin Advisory) 500px

Tax Planning Guide for 2024

Tax planning for 2024 will help you save money on taxes next year. Planning ahead for taxes can help save money and reduce stress during tax season. Here are some tax planning strategies for individuals and small business owners to consider in 2024, with two printable checklists at the end of this guide.


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