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Right Fit Guide

Our hope is that you find the best-fit advisor for you, and we realize that might not be us. So we wanted to provide you this guide to help you search. 


Ask yourself: Is it the right time to hire a professional? The best time to invest is when you have money. We recommend that you are debt-free and have an emergency fund before you contribute, however we’re able to help you manage your existing assets, even if you are still working towards those goals. 


Take it slow. This is a big decision. Meet with your potential advisor as many times as you need to feel comfortable. 

Ask yourself: Can you envision a long-term future with this advisor? 

Our ideal client is a family we can impact for generations. We even have several three-gen- eration client households where the parents, grandparents and children have all individually engaged our firm. 

Does your advisor have the heart of a teacher? 

The right-fit advisor should be able to explain their services and investment options in a way you can understand. 

Value Alignment 

Ensure that the values of the advisor line up with your values. Do they value the same things when it comes to money habits, investments, and planning for the future? 


Clearly identify the problems you want your advisor to help you solve. Most advisors are quick to offer new investment options, but if you need confidence you can retire and that your money will outlive you, then you need to ensure your advisor can provide the right level of comprehensive planning to provide the confidence you need. We pride ourselves on pro- viding leadership, relationship and creativity when it comes to our clients’ financial concerns. 

How is the advisor paid? 

Their financial incentives should be aligned with your best interest. The advisor should be transparent about how they’re being paid. 

Does your advisor lead by example? 

Our mission is to lead people to financial peace, independence and generosity. When we are advising our clients to invest a certain way or have certain habits with money, we personally employ the same investments and money habits. 

Do you want a team on your side? 

Is your advice limited to your advisor and the money they manage? At GIA, we work as a unique ability team. Our clients’ access to knowledge and expertise is not limited to their advisor, but it extends to our whole team. Our comprehensive financial planning covers not just our clients’ investments with us but everything that would contribute to their income and net worth.