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Will interest rates go up or down?

One of the top concerns of investors is how interest rates will affect their portfolios. Unfortunately, rates are also hard to predict. Instead of worrying, read on about what we have learned about interest rates and how to give yourself some peace of mind.

Does timing the market really work?

"Timing the market" isn't just the domain of day traders. If you're hoping to buy in at a low price and sell before a big drop, you're a market timer. But in your attempt to maximize your ROI, long-term, you’ll end up underperforming.

Will my divorce affect social security?

Divorces happen for many reasons, and the financial aftermath is almost always confusing. In particular, many people wonder how their new status will affect social security. So here's what you need to know about social security if you’re going through a divorce.  

How will freelance work affect social security?

Retirement may give you the freedom to write a novel or exercise your green thumb, but it does not mean you have to stop working altogether. While you can collect social security at the full retirement age (67 if you were born after 1960), many people continue their career or start a side project for extra income. However, freelance, contract or sideline work will affect your social security benefits. Here’s what you need to know. 

Your future with social security

When planning for retirement, most people wonder what role, if any, Social Security will have in their financial future. Many doubt the program will even exist when they are finally eligible for benefits. While the fear is understandable, financial freedom is not possible if anxiety dominates your finances.   

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