Sharon Brewer

Registered Financial Advisor


Staff nickname: Lady Boss   Enneagram: 7

Strengths: Learner | Achiever | Futuristic | Strategic | Loyal

Causes she supports: Compassion International, her local church, and Bible Training Center for Pastors

Her personal motto:

“Ready, aim, fire… re-aim…fire again. Don’t let paralysis of the analysis stop you.”

Sharon’s unique ability is that she is a natural born leader and thinker with her investigative and analytical nature and ability to turn her expert knowledge into a strategic plan. She simplifies complex concepts in ways everyone can understand and has a tenacity and goal-oriented approach while making wise decisions. She is compassionate and competent, with an easy-going personality and the patience to understand what people really want. She employs these talents at GIA by giving her clients the confidence that their money is invested right and will be there when they need it.

Sharon is one of GIA’s independent Registered Advisors, focusing on serving female entrepreneurs, single women, and the recently widowed or divorced. Sharon understands the financial complexities that women face and believes everyone, regardless of their current circumstance, can have a bigger, better future!

Sharon graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Finance. She became a Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Broker and with her entrepreneurial spirit started her own property management company – Bryan Cherokee Holdings. Her hard work paid off and she was thriving financially and decided to employ Goodwin Investment Advisory as her personal financial advisor. Sharon is a quick learner and began to recognize that her skill set, education, experience, and calling are perfectly aligned in the role of financial advisor. Sharon has been working at GIA since 2014 and her clients could not be happier with her dedication and determination to help see them thrive financially as well.

The best piece of advice she has ever received – “In light of your past experience, your current circumstances, and your future hopes and dreams, what is the wisest thing for you to do?”- Andy Stanley

If Sharon could share one lesson with the world it would be – “Investing small amounts on a consistent basis has a cumulative effect.  Whether the investment is of a physical, relational, financial, spiritual, emotional, or educational nature, there is a cumulative effect – that when combined with time and consistency – exponentially exceeds the original investment. Neglect also has a cumulative effect.”

Why do you like working for GIA? Why do you like working for GIA? With regards to co-workers – “As the oldest employee at GIA, I am surrounded by incredible, authentic, talented and dedicated young men and women that restore my faith in the future, keep me challenged and keep me young.  I look forward to every opportunity to work and share with these amazing people.” With regard to what we do – “We are very mission and vision driven at GIA. Because of this, we have clients that are seeking what we have to offer.  They are each as uniquely fitted to our culture as we are.  This makes my job of partnering with my clients –  to build a bigger better future – as fulfilling as working side by side with the bright people that I work with at GIA.”

Favorite books:


As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand