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Sharon Brewer

Sharon Brewer

Financial Advisor

As one of our Independent Registered Advisors, Sharon focuses on serving female entrepreneurs, single women and the recently divorced. Compassionate and competent, she understands the financial complexities women face and believes everyone, regardless of their current circumstance, can have a bigger, better future.

That mission has always been part of Sharon’s vocation, informing her educational and professional path. From an early age, her financial common sense was evident, saving her allowance and babysitting income to purchase her first car – a car she would use to get to and from her first job. That’s why it was no surprise when Sharon graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Finance. After college and prior to working at Goodwin Investment Advisory, this Florida girl turned Georgia peach helped individuals and families simplify the complexities of home ownership both as a real estate investor and mortgage broker.

With an easygoing personality and the patience to understand what people really want, she steadily built a real estate practice and started a property management company – Bryan Cherokee Holdings. Her success also led to new financial decisions, so she consulted with outside experts. Lucky for us, she chose Goodwin Investment Advisory. Shortly after hiring us as her financial advisor, she became one of our financial advisors, recognizing the role as the connection between her skillset and calling.

Several years after joining Goodwin Investment Advisory, Sharon went through a divorce, enduring the emotional and financial pain of a relational separation. While not planned, this experience has refined how she connects with and serves clients. In addition to her lifework, her bigger, better future includes afternoons in her garden, evenings of planning international adventures and weekends with her community at Woodstock City Church. Like her clients, her journey is still unfolding, but Sharon knows that leading people to financial peace, independence and generosity will always be part of her story.