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Joanna Howard

Joanna Howard

Director of Client Services

Joanna is our director of client services as well our office and operations manager. With these two official roles and the unofficial title of “Tim Goodwin’s right hand,” Joanna stays busy and that’s how she likes it. Detail-oriented and relationally-driven, she uses those talents to serve and inspire clients, who like her, are on a journey to their bigger, better future.

A Georgia native, Joanna’s parents modeled sound financial decision-making for her and her three siblings. Thankfully, their leadership did not go unnoticed, as Joanna continues to prioritize independence from debt and generosity toward others. She also paired these habits with a finance degree and a music minor from Berry College, where she graduated in 2014.

That’s also how she ended up at Goodwin Investment Advisory. The company’s first college intern success story, Joanna worked alongside other team members as needed, offering both her organizational and research skill-set. Eager to learn, diligent at work and a pleasure to be around, Goodwin Investment Advisory readily offered her a full-time position after graduation.

While she’s certainly a hard worker, Joanna also knows a life of balance is one worth pursuing. She’s an active member of her church, a regular on local hiking trails and an aspiring gardener. One of four siblings, Joanna also loves her role as the “fun aunt” for her nieces and nephews, visiting her family as often as she can. Paying off her mortgage and saving for retirement, not surprisingly, are long-term goals. However, her lifestyle of saving more and spending less is in jeopardy when Chick-fil-A is within driving distance. Conscientious and considerate, precise and patient, Joanna’s balanced personality and adaptable workstyle serves her well as she helps guide clients to financial freedom.