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Does timing the market really work?

"Timing the market" isn't just the domain of day traders. If you're hoping to buy in at a low price and sell before a big drop, you're a market timer. But in your attempt to maximize your ROI, long-term, you’ll end up underperforming.

Is a second job really worth it?

Whatever the reason, a second job is often the most sensible solution for solving a serious financial problem. However, before you take on another role, consider whether it’s going to be the difference maker that you need it to be.  

4 ways to maximize your employee benefits

While understanding your employee benefits may be the to-do you keep putting off, if you don’t make time, there’s no way to know what all you might be missing. So, here are the four things you absolutely need to do to fully use your employee benefits. 

How to save for your child’s future post-divorce

Divorce is a certainly separation of personal finances, but it's not always an elimination of shared financial responsibility. You and your ex-spouse may still be facing the cost of putting a kid through college. The path ahead may be uncertain, but there are some initial steps you can take that your kid will thank you for. 

Do you really need a financial advisor?

Financial independence doesn't necessarily mean independently making financial decisions. Instead, it's about working toward your bigger, better future by relying on the assets and resources at your disposal. So, before you decide whether or not you need a financial advisor, here are three things you should consider. 

What financial freedom looks like after divorce

Depending on the circumstances of the relationship, a divorce can be a financial fiasco. Even if your month-to-month doesn't really change, you now have the added responsibility of managing your finances without a second opinion. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to be confident in your newfound financial autonomy.

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