Monthly Archives: January 2016


How to ignore the media hype on the stock market

The incessant quest for information has reached such a fever pitch that the media outlets, including the cable channels, print media, and now the blogosphere, are churning out content 24/7, and it still isn’t enough to satiate peoples’ ravenous appetite for information. So, it’s all good? WRONG.

What to do when you win the lottery

You have no doubt read of the major failings of people, who have come into big money only to see it blown away. If you find yourself flush with fortune, here’s what you can do to avoid following in their footsteps.

How financial planning can help you reach your long-term goals

A financial goal is a life destination which requires a map and a way to get there; and, assuming you have finite resources with which to successfully make the trek, they need to be used wisely or you are likely to come up short. If you have a long term goal, financial planning can help you get there.