Rory Glatt, CFP®

Wealth Planner

Emoji used most: 🔥 Enneagram: 3w2
Strengths: Developer | Positivity | Empathy | Woo | Competition
Causes and organizations he supports – Woodstock City Church (his local church), Berry College (alma mater), & Joni and Friends.
His unique ability – He has a drive for personal growth, attention to detail, and an ability to empathize and create meaningful relationships with others.
Rory spent most of his life in Knoxville, TN (Go Vols) before moving to Georgia to attend Berry College. He studied Exercise Science with hopes of going to Med school. After spending a summer as a tennis pro at Wintergreen Resort, he found that his passion was not in medicine but in personal finance thanks to building relationships with affluent clients, many of them working in finance or accounting. Returning to Berry that fall, he swapped his Chemistry minor for Business Administration in hopes of loading up on finance courses. During this time, he was invited to take Dave Ramsey’s FPU class with a friend at his local church in Rome, GA. Subsequently, he joined a mentorship group with Buster Wright, a GIA Investment Committee member. During his time with Buster, he realized that Financial Advising combines both his skillset and passion to help families and give them confidence in their financial journey.  Rory shared, “My goal is to lead other families and individuals to financial freedom so that they can achieve their life goals without the worry of money.” Through careful listening and attention to detail, he is dedicated to developing comprehensive financial strategies so that clients can feel confident in navigating their financial positions.

Rory currently lives in Canton, GA with his beautiful wife, Breelan. He loves to do adventurous activities with his wife including skydiving and parasailing, but he also enjoys kicking back and having an old fashion or a glass of wine.

If he could spend one day doing anything – I would host a round robin pickleball tournament with friends and family!

If he could share one message with the world it would be – “the marble analogy — that trust is built on small, consistent, and reciprocal vulnerability over time!”
If he could have coffee with one person – Novak Djokovic. I would want to hear his story as he battled adversity being from a country where tennis wasn’t super popular to now becoming one of the greatest tennis players in the world & history. 
One lesson he keeps relearning – “you are enough.”
One movie he wishes life was more like – “About Time — it teaches you to enjoy every single moment and to be appreciative and full of gratitude.”
Favorite books:
The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley
Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey
Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Atomic Habits by James Clear