Rory Glatt

Associate Wealth Manager


Emoji used most: 🔥 Enneagram: 3w2

Strengths: Developer | Positivity | Empathy | Woo | Competition

He volunteers at  – his local church Youth Ministry, Berry College Service Day.

His unique ability – He has a drive for personal growth, attention to detail, and an ability to empathize and create meaningful relationships with others.

Rory grew up in Los Angeles, California, moved to Texas for a while and ended up in Knoxville, TN for Middle School and High School, where he calls home. He now attends Berry College where he is getting his degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Business Administration. He originally wanted to be a doctor, but had an opportunity to shadow a professional physician and realized it was not the best fit for him. During this time, he was teaching tennis as a tennis professional at Wintergreen resort with affluent clients and a few of them were Financial Advisors. He got some encouragement and book recommendations from them due to his own interest in personal finance. He began reading
The Psychology of Money, Rich Dad Poor Dad and a few others. Afterwards, his local church offered Dave Ramsey’s course, Financial Peace University, and he took the course. Through a time of self reflection he changed course and realized that a career as a Financial Advisor combines both his skillset and passion to help families reach financial peace and make wise investments. “My goal is to lead other families and individuals to financial freedom so that they can achieve their life goals without the worry of money.” 

If he could spend one day doing anything  –
“I would skydive first thing in the morning, have brunch–I love french toast. Then I would go hang out with my friends on the lake and have a watermelon, and end the evening playing card games with friends and family.”

If he could share one message with the world it would be –
“the marble analogy — that trust is built on small consistent and reciprocal vulnerability over time!”

If he could have coffee with one person –
“Being a retired college tennis player, I would love to have a conversation and play a tennis match with Roger Federer who is
the ultimate GOAT in my opinion.”

One lesson he keeps relearning –
“you are enough.”

One movie he wishes life was more like –
“About Time — it teaches you to enjoy every single moment and to be appreciative and full of gratitude.”
Favorite books:
Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel 
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki 
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Atomic Habits by James Clear