Who is Dave Ramsey? 

Before you learn what a SmartVestor Pro is, you have to know who Dave Ramsey is. A radio host, a writer and an entrepreneur, Dave Ramsey is an outspoken proponent of financial freedom. He’s the author of The Total Money Makeover and the architect of Financial Peace University. With a national audience, Dave encourages his followers to pay off debt today and invest for tomorrow. That’s where we come in. 

What is a SmartVestor Pro? 

Dave Ramsey endorses select financial advisors who share his financial philosophy. Since 2004, Goodwin Investment Advisory has been leading people to financial peace, independence and generosity, knowing that financial freedom leads to a bigger, better future. Now, as a member of the SmartVestor Pro community, we are able to share that message with a larger audience. So, if you’re in North Central Georgia, West Atlanta and Northwest Atlanta, and you’re looking for a financial advisor endorsed by Dave Ramsey, you’ve found one.  

How did we get here? 

In 2007, Tim Goodwin was re-introduced to Dave Ramsey when his small group went through Financial Peace University. Until then, he had only heard of Dave, and like so many, didn't want to admit he needed help managing a budget. 

However, when Tim and his wife, Maureen, really examined their financial situation, they realized they had over $200,000 in consumer debt plus a mortgage. They had student loans, unpaid credit cards and even a second mortgage.

At the time, it was embarrassing to admit this. Now, they couldn't be happier sharing the story. Tim and Maureen applied Dave’s way and tools to our life. They paid off all their debt. It wasn't instant. For 20 months, they even rented out their house, and moved into Tim's parent's basement. Thankfully, they've learned to be intentional with every dollar and are, once again, living in their own home.   

When Tim took Financial Peace University, he also learned that Dave Ramsey recommends financial advisors. Ever since, he's been on a mission to become a SmartVestor Pro.  

What this means for you? 

If you’re a current client, you can now confidently tell your friends and family you’re working with a Dave Ramsey endorsed advisor. If you’re searching for a new advisory and a bigger, better future is what you’re after, schedule an intro call with one of our advisors today.