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Investing in private real estate funds can offer broader diversification to your stock and bond portfolio while providing access to non-correlated investments that have income and capital appreciation potential as well as tax advantages.

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private real estate investing

benefits of real estate funds

  • Broader diversification

  • Access to non-correlated investments

  • Income potential

  • Capital Appreciation

  • Tax Advantages

private real estate options

Advice on Self management 

The first option is that we can offer advice and help guide you on real estate investing and you can do it yourself. Sharon Brewer, one of our Financial Advisors is our resident expert on real estate as she personally owns and manages 25 rental properties. Investing in real estate allows you to create multiple streams of income and diversify your income. You can choose to invest in either commercial real estate or residential, short-term or long-term leases, etc. To learn more check out our recent blog from our Women of Wealth series titled, “Real Estate Investing.”

private real estate options

Professional management strategic partner

The second option is that if you qualify as an accredited investor, our strategic partner can do it for you. Goodwin Real Estate Fund (GREF) is a private real estate fund. GREF’s investment objective is long-term total returns. GREF is not owned by GIA, it’s owned by the investors (or members). However, it’s managed by MCSE Stewardship LLC, the general partner of the fund, which is owned by our president and founder, Tim Goodwin.

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