private real estate investing

Investing in private real estate funds can offer broader diversification to your stock and bond portfolio while providing access to non-correlated investments that have income and capital appreciation potential as well as tax advantages.

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private real estate investing

additional specialized services

We realize that with wealth comes more considerations and a need for highly experienced solutions. This is why we offer additional specialized services for accredited investors. We provide high net worth individuals access to our team of advisors to help you consider sophisticated solutions tailored to fit your needs.

private client services

These exclusive client services include more extensive financial planning, tax planning, private equity real estate funds, philanthropic giving, and specialized trust and estate planning, and more. We are here to remove the complexity and guide you through these decisions to help simplify your life and help you to truly enjoy your wealth.

private real estate options

The first option is that we can offer advice and help guide you on real estate investing and you can do it yourself. The second option is that we can do it for you through GREF (Goodwin Real Estate Funds), which is a private real estate fund that you can invest in together with other investors.

benefits of real estate funds

  • Broader diversification

  • Access to non-correlated investments

  • Income potential

  • Capital Appreciation

  • Tax Advantages

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We realize that with wealth comes more complexity and we want to help guide you through your decisions with enlightened solutions. Schedule a short intro call with Beth to get started.

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